Room 303:Corner Suite / Spa bath / Forest view






Room 303: semi-suite with a natural board wall between bedroom and living room, furnished with ‘GE-258’ daybed by Hans J. Wegner, available both as a sofa and a daybed to take a peaceful nap.

Vast desk is located right beside a north-facing window, which is more than suitable for reading and writing with the scenery of shiny green outside. Bedroom is efficiently separated from the working space so one of you can do some writing job till late at night without disturbing the other to sleep. Wi-fi access available everywhere in the premise.

Open air private spa bath is settled at the terrace, faced to the forest. You can see the cedar woods from the window, and unfortunately some part of parking lot below. (Not so visible unless you lean out)

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Room 303 / Designed by Toru Iwasa


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