Two Global TOP100 restaurants from Japan to collaborate in Spain


Two Global TOP100 restaurants from Japan to collaborate in Spain

“We’re Smart Fusion” Event

– A spin-off event of the “We’re Smart Awards 2022”.

“We’re Smart Discovery Award 2022 for JAPAN” nominee chef Keiko Kuwakino of Satoyama Jujo (@satoyamajujo),will collaborate with chef Kanji Kobayashi of Villa Aida (@villa_aida_wakayama), and chef Giacometti Hassan of Casa Bonay
(@Bodega Bonay) in Barcelona following the “We’re Smart Awards 2022”.

More than just a collaborative dinner between three restaurants from two cultures, the plant-based menu will illuminate the virtues of Japanese “Ryori” and explore the possibilities of vegetables and fruits with an emphasis on local varieties.

Sanaburi (of Satoyama Jujo) and Villa Aida are both 5 radishes rated restaurants in the “We’re Smart Green Guide TOP100”.

□ Date : 10th November
□ Seatings : 7:15pm and 9:30pm(20 seats each)
□ Place: Bodega Bonay, the restaurant inside Casa Bonay hotel
□ Price: 125€ Wine excluded.
□ What: tasting menu, plant based. 6 plates and desserts.
□ Made by Chef

Giacomo Hassan @Bodega Bonay in Barcelona Spain

Giacomo のコピー

Kanji Kobayashi @Restrant villa aida in Wakayama Japan


Villa Aida is located in the countryside of Wakayama, Japan. He is not only the owner chef but also the farmer of villa aida. This year, he was awarded ‘Gaul millau 2022’, ASIA’S BEST 50 RESTAURANTS #14, 2 Michelin stars, Green Star, and so on.
His cuisine is based on the culture of ‘campanismo’ in Italy. While in Italy, he learned to be flexible enough to adapt to changes in the local ingredients. Currently he focuses on his original style which he named ‘AGRIGASTRONOMY’. Actually, he has 7 fields next to the restaurant, where he grow the vegetables he serve, and he dare not create specialties in order to cherish the natural climate and give shape to the season of the moment. He continues to create new creations by his cooking skills and experience to the local ingredients of each seasons.

Keiko Kuwakino @Satoyama-jujo /Sanaburi in Niigata Japan


Gaulmillau Terroir Award winning chef Keiko Kuwakino is recognized as being at the top of her field of “local gastronomy”. She is currently chef of Michelin starred “Sanaburi” restaurant in the boutique hotel of “Satoyama Jujo” located in the snowy mountains of Niigata, Japan. Constantly in search of new ideas and techniques, Keiko frequently travels to sample exotic dishes. While at home in Niigata, she collects local ingredients from nearby mountains and communities. The integration and respect of local culture and nature is pivotal to her cuisine. Previous to working at Satoyama Jujo, Keiko trained in vegetarianism, yoga and Ayurveda. Her diverse skills and interests continue to inform her nature inspired, local gastronomy.


□ About “We’re Smart Guide”

“We’re Smart Guide” is a worldwide restaurant guide, evaluating menus on the percentage of fruit and
vegetables, on culinary creativity, ecological footprint and on social impact. Awards of between 1 to 5
radishes are given to winners, 5 radishes being the highest award.
Each day between October 31st to November 7th ten winners of the TOP100 Awards will be announced.
On November 8th 2022 the TOP10 Best Vegetable Restaurants will be revealed at “Forum Gastronomic
Barcelona”. You can follow this countdown on the website and on our social media channels.


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